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My name is Charles L. Mason PharmD, a pet consultant of NéVetica.  First off, thank you for visiting my website. Before I go discuss the growth, drivers and issues seen within the pet industry and give an explanation about this amazing opportunity we have here in NéVetica, I would like to just quickly share a little bit about myself.  I currently reside in Maryland where I practice as a pharmacist by day and I also provide real estate agent services on a part-time basis.  I have been involved with the development of NéVetica since November 2016 and it has been such an amazing, humbling experience seeing this revolutionary company go from being just a concept to reality as we have recently launched across the U.S.!

Overview of the Pet Industry

Growth of the Pet Industry

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The pet industry has truly been explosive over the past several decades.  There is plenty of documentation showing how more and more revenue has been flowing into the industry year over year.  Last year in 2018, the pet industry did over 84 billion dollars in sales compared to back in year 2000 when the industry did around 28 billion dollars in sales.  Matter of fact, during our last recession from 2007-2009, the pet industry actually increased in revenue 13% during this period and is even now considered to be recession-proof.  The industry is actually projected to hit an impressive 100 billion dollars in revenue by 2020!

Drivers of the Pet Industry

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The rise in revenue within the pet industry is contributed by three main groups: the baby boomers, Generation X, and the millennials.  Over the years, these three groups have depended more and more on their pets for the companionship, love, and company that their pets give.  About 70% of all household in America have a pet which is a remarkable statistic.  It has also been observed that the younger generations are having more and more pets and less children.  The term ‘pet owners’ has gone away as pets are considered part of family which has now transitioned owners as being called ‘pet parents’. The bond that humans have towards their pets will just continue to grow stronger and stronger which ultimately gives an extremely positive outlook for the pet industry.

Issues Within the Pet Industry

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With the strong bond that humans have created with their pets, unfortunately there have been bad habits passed down which have impacted their lifespan.  Due to possible lack of education, understanding and knowledge, many pet parents may not have always given their pets the healthiest food and optimum exercise that they deserve.  Also, many pet food manufacturers do not put the best nutrients and ingredients into the pet food as quality standards have not always been kept to the highest degree.  Studies have actually shown that more than half of all dogs and cats are considered to be obese.  Many pets also suffer from similar diseases as humans such as hypertension, cancer, and diabetes. A mission of NéVetica is to help fill any current gaps within a pets' diet and lifestyle so that they can be given a better chance to live a longer, healthier life.

NéVetica Pet Opportunity

NéVetica will be a revolutonary opportunity as a one-stop shop for pet products and services using modern day technology. NéVetica will allow you to start a home based business while coupling it with the explosive pet industry!  Once you become a business owner with NéVetica, you will be given your own NéVetica branded business app and website.  When a new customer downloads your app or visits your business’ website, they will be asked to take a free pet assessment for each specific pet they have. The answers will go through a series of algorithms and after it is complete, it will let the pet parent know if there are any holes or gaps within their pets’ diet.  At the end of the assessment, a suggested regimen of exclusive NéVetica products will be offered to the pet parent to help promote a healthier lifestyle for that particular pet.  As a NéVetica distributor, you will be able to share your business' app and website with as many individuals as possible.  The more products that are sold through your app and website, the more commission can potentially come back to you.


Products of NéVetica

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NéVetica products, online pet business, mlm pets, pets mlm, NéVetica, home based pet business,

NeVetica Nutrition Line

There is a nutraceutical line of five products including multivitamin, skin & coat, calming, digestive, and hip & joint vitamins. Each product will have high quality ingredients and strengths to achieve optimum benefits and use for your furry loved one.

Paw Balm

Paw balm is an excellent remedy for your pets' dry and chapped paws.  Helps to lock in moisture and enhance the healing process of damaged skin. Ideal to use on hot pavements and icy conditions.


The Wet-Away product will turn urine or any liquid on a floor for that matter into a solid within 60 seconds or less that allows you to sweep the content up as oppose to using a mop or paper towels.

No-Rinse Shampoo

The Rub-Tub waterless bath wash product will allow a pet parent to clean their pet without forcing them into the tub.  This waterless bath product will also include a healing agent to help any scrapes or cuts a pet may have.

Oral Care Line

The oral care line of products which will comprise of a water additive mouthwash as well as dental chews will help to promote fresh breath and dental health for your pet by destroying plaque, tartar and odor causing bacteria.

Anti-Itch Spray

This spray helps soothe irritated skin while leaving your furry one's coat soft and shiny. This product is targeted towards pets suffering from flea bites, surgical stitches and various allergies.

Services, Exercise, and Educational sections

Not only products will be available through the NéVetica app and website but services will be as well!  A pet parent will be able to order various on-demand services such as dog walking, dog grooming, and veterinarian services.  With some of the service providers, they will actually be able to come to your location as opposed to taking your pet to their office!  The app has a fitness section which will keep track on how far you and your dog walked as well as track how many calories were burned too. You will also be able to use the app to watch and monitor your pet remotely while out and about.  Another great tool is the social piece allowing pet parents to converse with the capability to meet up for play dates.  The app will also have 'Rocky' alerts for lost pets and it will provide you with locations to dog parks within your area. There will also be tons of education and training materials available through the app and website to help the pet parent become further educated and knowledgeable to ultimately provide their pet with the most optimum care.


Network Marketing


The vehicle in which NéVetica is using to take its products and services to the masses is through network marketing!  Network marketing, essentially known as word-of-mouth advertising, allows you the chance to work from home and make money online. As a NéVetica distributor, not only are you able to share the products and services with as many people as possible but the business opportunity itself too.  When you share the opportunity with an individual and they join as a distributor, they will immediately become a new business partner of yours and placed onto your network marketing team.  Whenever your new partner sells a product within their business not only they will receive commission from that transaction but you have the capability to receive commission from those team sales as well! And when your partner recruit their first business partner, that new member will also be included onto your network marketing team.  There is an unlimited amount of people who can join your network marketing team which can position you to receive commission on all products and services sold within the natural growth of your organization!

Compensation plan

NéVetica’s compensation plan will be very generous to you if you put the time and devotion necessary to succeed into your new business.  The compensation plan was developed by one of the top companies within the industry and is complete!   There is a total of 12 different ways you can receive commission and bonuses through our uni-level plan.  Within your business, there will be fourteen leadership positions you will have a chance to move up the rankings in as your business grows over time with the highest level achievable being Black Diamond!  The plan also allows you to achieve lifestyle, car, and global pool bonuses as well!  If you qualify to receive commission and bonuses within your business, there will be weekly payouts in addition to a monthly payout which will all be deposited to you on a sleek-looking NéVetica debit card. You are able to track your individual business’ performance and sales as well as your business partners on your team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through your distributor backoffice. Watch the compensation plan video posted below for a better idea of how this rewarding plan is designed!


Position yourself with NéVetica


At this time, you are able to purchase a business kit as well as a product pack consisting of the 15 products the company is launching with. Once this happens, you will officially be considered a NéVetica Pet Consultant!    Please visit and tour our beautiful corporate website at and view the 14 products we have recently launched with.  

With any investment, timing is everything and you can position yourself now to potentially be the first NéVetica business owner in your respective area to spread the word about this revolutionary company and concept which may very well become extremely rewarding to you!  Feel free to email or call me with any questions in which you may have. 

It would be an honor and privilege to work with you so that we can ultimately help one another achieve the financial success we desire and to pursue and fulfill any goals and dreams we may have.  Thank you for visiting my website once again.

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